R&D Center
Specialized research agency toward changing varying environment from basic to applied research

Now software such as search, portal, SNS, cloud services creates value for not only company task, but also daily life of users. We would like to call this kind of software as software for general user. Software for general user is carrying out an important role to change the world, and industrial worth also is growing while individual computing environment enter into general use. We believe this filed has a new future of software industry.

Existing R&D center is focus on development. Because of software for business puts focus on productivity and efficiency of assigned task. Software for general user, however, is general equipment to use in daily life by tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people, so a new value and experience created by this software is very momentous. To conclude these value and experience, design, UX, humanities sociology as well s development should be blended.

We believe practical field is the most pursuit of learning. Development & research environment, accordingly, should be maintained same as real spot. It ought to be operated to obtain effect just like actual site including running and planning for this cause.

IT FUN PEOPLE have been playing a leading role in software industry for general user, and themselves found the research institute to cultivate people of talent in this field. R&D center will complete optimum fused form curriculum, and sets up operating system reflects actual site so that will contributes to public welfare as the best research institution.

  • Company Name
    R&D Center
  • Date of Establishment
  • CEO
    Woosung Kim
  • Business Area
    Web S/W Engineering, Technical Solution Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Mobile S/W Engineering, Quality Engineering
  • Headquarters
    355, Chungin-dong, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea