New employees appointment

We engage new workers periodically to realize a dream of IT FUN PEOPLE with fresh ideas. New employees are hired through open recruitment or recommendation in accordance with internship program and radiotherapy human resource. Detail guidelines for applications are announced separately by employment notice.

  • Career of successful application is not acknowledged, and recruitment time may be somewhat changed.

Career employees appointment

We employ career employees whom have professionalism to create valuable services of IT FUN PEOPLE whenever necessary. A minimum of two year's experience is required for this job, and qualification of application is notified on website. Though we do not post a job opening including targeted position, it is available to register of application form as competent person DB, we will establish contract with applicant during recruitment periods of applicable field.

  • Recruitment is determined depending on recruiting field, and it may adopt in various of types such as portfolio screening, written test, presentation and so on.

  1. 1 Receipt of written application

    • Please submit a job application letter of targeted position when you read the ongoing employment notice.
    • It is able to register a job application form by ordinary pool when you read details of business affairs and qualification for application, if we do not post a job opening or you cannot find the employment notice for targeted position.
  2. 2 Selection of candidates by examining their personal histories

    • We examine basic contents of written application and letter of self-introduction if it was made out faithfully and carefully.
    • We examine applicants if they meet satisfy eligibility rule in recruitment part.
    • We select targets for interview screening allowing for planning number of employment.
  3. 3 Pre-test

    • We perform the employment performance evaluation and written test(only for technique section).
    • It is determined as per recruitment field of career employee, and will be operated with various forms.
  4. 4 First round of interview + vocational test

    • We evaluate potential capability and growth potential of new employee in applicable field.
    • We examine basic executive ability, specialized knowledge and job performance necessary for recruitment field of career employee.
  5. 5 Second round of interview

    • We totally evaluate personality, qualification and ability on the basis of online application forms, result from first round of interviews and vocational test, and consider planning number of employment to select successful applicants.