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  • When all the required fields are filled with the correct information, please click [Submit] button.
  • Submit Proposal

Check Status

  • The tracking number given upon submission can be used to check and modify the current status of your proposal.
  • Check Status

  1. 1 Submit

    • The proposer submits a proposal via IT FUN PEOPLE’s corporate website.
    • E-mail will be sent to a proposer to confirm the submission.
    • IT FUN PEOPLE does not accept proposals that require a face-to-face meeting.
  2. 2 Receipt

    • E-mail will be sent to a proposer to confirm the receipt when the proposal successfully sent to IT FUN PEOPLE.
    • The proposer modifies the initial proposal or provides additional information in response to an e-mail requesting such actions.
    • Required only when the attached files are damaged , etc.
  3. 3 Review

    • A dedicated staff from IT FUN PEOPLE Corp. will review the proposal thoroughly.
    • Your proposal will be answered in five working days. (It could take more than five working days depends on its features.)
    • The proposer submits additional information in response to an email requesting the proposer to supplement such information.
    • Required only when such information is needed.
  4. 4 Final Notification

    • IT FUN PEOPLE corp. notifies the proposer of the results via e-mail following review.
    • The procedure ends at this point. IT FUN PEOPLE will contact the proposer for accepted proposals.