How can we renew this service? What is the most necessary function for users? Producers are leaders to strive for creation of service. With liberal arts knowledge to think about people including working for new service and communication with users, we create service. We are a front-runner of service making service with developers and designers.

Ability to understand trend and people and realize requirement
IT industry is the most fast-changing field these days. A lot of web & mobile services are supplied for a day. It is necessary ability to use several services according to trend and looking for in-site among flood of information. To concentrate concern human in technology-based trend is important too. Also liberal arts knowledge for TV programs, interests of people, literatures, society, environment and arts are demanded, because it is job of producer to finding common necessities and making relevant services. All service made by IT FUN PEOPLE is just for human. To observing and interested in human is the basis of our work.
Perseverance to create value of user
After grasp the requirements from users in charged service, continuous efforts are demanded to perform it. Designers and developers need to find the ideal way to use our service among design or UX-examination, a variety of development methods. Or the method to give various information and choice to users as exterior contents or cooperation with experts should be searched from inside or outside of company. Perseverance for the projects in extremely compressed schedule, insufficient materials or changing environment is required to producers.
With heart of parents to improve service
Web service has merit to being flexible in responding unlike ready-made goods in stock-manufactured goods which are not available to amending. Caused by this reason, steady concern and support for web service is required before or after release of service. We are pleased to considering if our web service is demanded by users or not and to give useful service to them even though little function. Sometimes unexpected changes of environment are occurred. At that time affection and passion for service of producers are important to grow as more strong service.