Personnel System
Performance Management Systems at IT FUN PEOPLE

Considering duty, individual ability and performance, we evaluate the job performance by management of achievement of IT FUN PEOPLE. Individual job performance is to be important basement for regular evaluation of result and it makes objectivity of evaluation higher.

Result assessments are conducted in the first/second half of the year, and provide incentives according to this result. Individual annual salary system is conducted by personal duty result and ability. Automatic increment in salary is not allowed in accordance with long-service training and academic ability, and it is decided only by result from personal outcome.

We manage a variety of education and training process to developing professional competency and improving achievement of organization, and training system is comprised of basic education, on-the-job education and leadership education.
We provide efficient education infra by individual requirement and learning style and make up desirable learning environment so that support to growing and developing person and organization together.

  1. 1 Performance Management

    Performance Management

    • Object establishment-Business control-Result evaluation
    • Feedback within the framework of superior/junior staff/colleague
    • Regular review twice a year
  2. 2 Salary & Incentive

    Salary & Incentive

    • Incentive for job performance
    • Special incentive for management result
  3. 3 Succession Plan

    Succession Plan

    • To operating detail education course such as basic training, job training, leadership training, global training
    • Education infra offer according to individual requirement
    • To developing individual competence and organization achievement