Bringing joyful changes to the world.
Connecting people, the past and present and networks
to create a bigger world

IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation is premier Internet company, operating the nation’s top business platform, Korea’s first global web solution.

With technology service as the company’s core business, IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation is pioneering the digital way of life by continuously rolling out innovative and convenient services.

IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation has grown into Domestic’s largest Internet company in terms of net profit. This outstanding growth is largely attributable to the company’s efforts to create and introduce stable profit models in its core services, including cms-oriented web platform services.

IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation is also playing a leading role in advancing into the overseas market. ‘Kolants Corporation’, a subsidiary of IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation, has successfully solidified a global business foundation with its license platform service, which has helped the company obtain a global presence that is needed when evolving into the world’s leading Internet company.

IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation’s key mission is to provide users with services that are beneficial to all. To that end, IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation remains fully committed to pioneering state-of-the-art technologies based on our continued research and investment in core technology development.

the philosophy of being
a reliable guide to a bigger
world, a world that is
with the internet.

A world where friends from far away stay connected, where generations from the past, present and future are joined, and where information is shared through networks. IT FUN PEOPLE is creating a bigger world where everything is connected.
The color ‘blue’ and ‘uppercase gothic’ font in the IT FUN PEOPLE CI represents familiarity and reliability, and encompasses IT FUN PEOPLE’s philosophy in service, which is the act as a friend and reliable guide to a bigger world which is connected through the internet.