05 Incorporated IT FUN PEOPLE Corp
06 Established the affiliated company 'ZEN Corp', system integration
06 Established the 'Kolants', license management and digital content business
07 Launched SSL marketplace 'Zencert'
08 Launched content management system 'SiteMaker'
09 Launched online market offers digital assets for use in creative projects 'Bizoceans'
04 IT FUN PEOPLE established partnership with NoTag Group
08 Launched antivirus, internet security and content cloud solutions 'C-Secure'
09 Established 'IT FUN PEOPLE STUDIO', a company for web business services
01 IT FUN PEOPLE established partnership with 'AVAST' Software s.r.o.
04 Launched smart cross border e-commerce 'NoTag'
09 Launched online data storage management service 'SomDrive'
09 Established 'Works Cloud', a company for enterprises/business services
01 SaaS ERP established partnership with Shokubunka Co., Ltd.
03 Launched '4D Payments & E-Banking Integrator' services
08 C-Secure established partnership with HK Express Limited
12 Launched Global Payment Processing Service 'GOMPAY' services