Developers of IT FUN PEOPLE Corp. are software development experts whom have technical skills, positive attitude and flexible communication ability. Who attain the state-of-the-art technologies and apply it to service, have self-esteem and responsibility to making program that a lot of people use in Korea, do not hesitate to learn from each other and interested in computer though in keen competition.

Relentless self-development to the best
Developers of IT FUN PEOPLE Corp. do not stop to study by themselves. Because new technologies are developed in succession and users require higher quality service. To success in the best techie group, endless self-development is demanded. Developers of IT FUN PEOPLE, for that reason, formed atmosphere of self-study. They learn skills and receive a great impulse from predecessors in company, and are developed by themselves. We are proud of technical skills from developers of IT FUN PEOPLE who desire this work till retirement under the age limit.
Sense of duty and responsibility
Data have been accumulating on server of IT FUN PEOPLE with blazing speed day after day is living history of 21c web not simple data. Now is only times what we are live in to accumulate a vast store of data from technologies and experiences. Sense of duty to keep huge data with consciousness of master is demanded. Even simple work influence on tens of millions of users, so it is important to meticulous and responsible attitude.
Interest in people and cooperation mind
Anyone can lose own humanity when be locked in world with only complex and perfect codes. Code, however, might gives meaningful record for someone, or becomes a good tool to save time. To considering people at the end of technology is ability that developer of IT FUN PEOPLE must have. In addition to service of IT FUN PEOPLE cannot be made by single-handed. Because of it is work to materialize idea of planner and great design of designer, so flexible communication with other job categories is important.