Introducing CEO of IT FUN PEOPLE

Otaki Seiji, CEO

He joined IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation as the vice president of legal affairs before being appointed as CEO of IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation in February 2017. Based on his philosophy of proactively responding to issues and unlimited interaction with others, Otaki Seiji has acted as a locomotive for IT FUN PEOPLE Corporation and has repeatedly set new records in sales, operational profit and short-term gains year after year.

IT FUN PEOPLE has been playing a leading role in bring joyful changes by connecting people with people and people with the outside world, based on the drive for more imaginations, challenges, advanced technology, and innovation.

The efforts we made to satisfy our users, minor changes we made daily, to fix, polish and refine our services was what made IT FUN PEOPLE the service it is today.

The Internet is still an incubator of infinite possibilities. The Internet breathes life into imagination and ideas, and connects people with others they can identify with and console, or be consoled by.

advanced Internet infrastructure and the country’s Internet users, who are the world’s most active group on the Internet, have propelled IT FUN PEOPLE’s astounding growth in such a short time.
Knowing that things are changing faster than ever, we’re constantly thinking of better ways to serve the world and make it a happier place. That’s why we’re running a number of activities, to seek mutual growth and fulfill our social responsibilities as a business with the aim to build a sustainable world.

IT FUN PEOPLE has continued to connect people with people, share knowledge and wisdom, and strived to make the world a closer, easier place to live in. IT FUN PEOPLE will continue to spread this value into the mobile platform and make greater strides so that this value can be cherished in the global market.

Please join us, as you always have, as we embark on a greater adventure.

Thank you.

Otaki Seiji, CEO