Utilizing varied global network, we secure excellent product through cooperation development and business collaboration with domestic and foreign game development companies, and actively keep on with publishing business. Blending contents planning ability, marketing, development capability from each country, provide attractive contents to the world and raising quality competitiveness through these experiences, we are making a constant effort to improving contents competitiveness of account. Furthermore, we offer duties as combined obstacle control, service quality management, secure system operation with operating of IT infra service to stable and continued service offer of game, and perform Q&A, test business to provide settled service through effective and efficient verification and validation of functions and quality requirement of serviced games too.

Game Publishing


We develop various backend systems to support large portal service and portal service, and provide platform service based on exclusive cloud specialized for game. Either we support suitable globalization and take action against legislation on the basis of specialized man powers, and are trying to continuous effort to improving enterprise competitive power of account by improved quality competitiveness.

Game development & Service offering

We are developing strong point all over the world and performing planning & developing duty of game, exporting game of superior quality through the world. We strengthen competitiveness based on accumulated technology and operating asset, and provide stable and continued service with security business such as combined obstacle control and security system operation by operating of IT infra.

PC & Mobile application development

We develop the application of varied platform and specialized provide maintenance work that meets several requirements from accounts. We provide optimum IT service through continuous platform research and development, and set up the effective consulting process and operate it to supply settled and efficiency service for account.