Variables in changing the business environment around enterprises according to rapid globalization are rapidly growing. In this kind of business environment, market requires understanding of Key Driver and swift strategic decision draws upon incomplete information to top management of business. Success of innovation depends on establishment of a strategy with grasping change of environment, and gives sharp to a viable plan on the field, and obsolescence is approached as completion as innovation in rapidly changing market competitive environment.

Business Innovation of IT FUN PEOPLE makes a ceaseless effort to strengthen the system operating competitiveness and to increase work efficient with specialized manpower to improving as management support service offering confidence and impression with best quality for clients, and gives customers the best service on the basis of accumulated know-how from these efforts. Also we support continuous innovation realization to be more competitive by clients from various industries, and assist prompt solution of issues that each company has through unique strategy establishment depending on actual locality when they expand their business at rising nations.

Business Innovation

Management Innovation

Success of innovation depends on selection of strategy after grasps environmental change, and then application of practical plan on the field swiftly. IFP provides human resources affairs & welfare, training, finance, internal service for efficient business aimed at the insurance of specialized manpower, business efficiency improvement, consolidation of system operating competitiveness.

Business Innovation

Under circumstances of increasing uncertainty of business environment around enterprises, most of companies have the matter of several businesses regarding project of new growing business, predominance in competition at market, but they still look for indirect solutions. IFP suggests creative and practical solution plan for two axes such as strategic reconstruction and active optimization through objective analysis.

Risk Management

Variables that influence on change of business environment are increasing at increasing tempo. Particularly, to solving the error of strategy, error of implement, systematic error of strategy and implement become assignment. IFP suggests the solution plan for 'support of firm and business revival', 'examination of project feasibility, work innovation and organizational restructuring' with accumulated knowledge and experiences.

Business Model development consulting

We support successful business strategy and planning considering management side and realistic aspect of enterprise through suggestion of new business model against change of market environment and customer's requirements. In addition to we propose the indirection solution for 'feasibility study of new business, strategy establishment of new item development' to solve the tasks in various businesses such as 'business portfolio optimization, competitive advantage at market'.

Information Systems

We suggest optimized information system in accordance with medium-and long-term and short-term strategy establishment to achieve management target of account. Furthermore we meet the IT business environment of account through continuous improvement of client information system as well optimized IT service for general business activity through portal system research and development for environment of account, and offer settled and continued service with fault and performance management.

System Operations

We deal with utilization of information system and specialized consultation for IT strategy and planning to achieve the strategy plan as well as design of large next-generation system and maintenance. Also we provide one-stop total service from system integration, improvement of system control management and knowledge management system of enterprise scale to official use system and system of outsourcing scale.
08 Launched Office Wing extend module 'POS'
07 Launched Office Wing extend module 'ERP'
06 Launched Cloud based groupware 'Office Wing'