IT FUN PEOPLE corp. established the business ethics and code of conductwhich outlines practices employees are expected to, and pledges to adhere to.
Based on the business ethics of honesty and sincerity, IT FUN PEOPLE corp. will continue to strive for self-improvement and perform fair work practices while pursuing IT FUN PEOPLE corp.’s core values, including modesty and sense of ownership. By adhering to the basic business ethics, IT FUN PEOPLE corp. aims to secure a reputation as a company that is trusted by all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, partners and the society.

Business Ethics
  • Modesty & Sense of Ownership

    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees must always be modest and never forget that they represent the company.

  • Creativity & Innovation

    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees must never be satisfied with the status quo- the must attend to task with a creative and innovative attitude in order to satisfy customers with the highest quality services.

  • Challenge & Passion

    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees should adhere to the belief that “who are not up for the challenge cannot earn anything” and always try to achieve new feats by seeking new challenges with their unwithering passion.

  • Avoid Conflicts with the Company

    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees must draw a definite line between public and private matters during work and avoid private activities that inflicts damage to the company.

  • Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture

    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees must strive to create a work place based on active communication and mutual trust, where respect and autonomy is valued. Employees’ actions must not be offensive to others and their verbal, physical or visual actions must contain any social or cultural prejudice.

  • 01 Value for customers
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. always strives to discover the value customers need because the company believes that it grows when IT FUN PEOPLE corp. creates new value for customers. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. continues to create new values that provide real assistance and satisfaction to customers.
  • 02 Respect for customers
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. values the solidarity it has with customers. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. will always stay connected with the customers, listen to and respect their opinions, and think from the customers’ perspective.
  • 03 Customer protection
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. values and protects customers' personal information, honor and intellectual property.
  • 01 A “win-win” Internet environment
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. uses fair and reasonable standards to choose a partner that is ideal for IT FUN PEOPLE corp.’s business objective. The same set of standards is used to assess the work process and quality, which is delivered to the partner. All activities are executed in a fair manner and unreasonable demands, which are made through the abuse of power, will not be tolerated. Partner companies are recognized as strategic partners. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. aims for the increase in both parties’ interests and for joint development, based on mutual respect.
  • 02 Protection of partners' information
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. values partners’ information and sales secrets and will not use the information provided by the partner for other purposes, unless the partner approves of the use of the said information, or unless allowed by law. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. will not acquire or use confidential information or sales secrets of partner companies or any third party in an illegal manner, even if the information is beneficial.
  • 01 Abide by legal regulations and social norms
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. abides by all domestic and international laws and regulations, social norms and accounting standards that exist in business practices and respects cultures and business practices of all regions in the world. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. also abides by international standards and regulations related to human rights and the environment.
  • 02 Contribute to social development and the creation of a healthy culture
    As a good corporate citizen, IT FUN PEOPLE corp. creates new jobs and faithfully performs the duty of paying taxes. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. also makes the world a more plentiful place by creating a new network world that is based on new values. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. carries out its responsibility to society through social contribution activities, education, culture and welfare businesses and encourages employees to participate in healthy volunteer activities, and provides the necessary support. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. efforts are in line with the society’s efforts to create a healthy culture, and IT FUN PEOPLE corp. incorporates such efforts in it business activities. One of the efforts IT FUN PEOPLE corp. exhorts is the assessment of IT FUN PEOPLE corp.’s services to see whether the services contain harmful contents. This helps protect children from being exposed to such harmful information. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. does not discriminate stakeholders, including customers, partners and employees, for reasons that include religion, race, region, gender or physical traits.
  • 03 Retain political neutrality
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. does not participate in politics and does not make illegal donations to, or provide support, directly or indirectly, to any candidate, political party or political organization. The company does not allow the use of the company’s organization, personnel, or facilities for any political purpose.
  • 01 Respect for employees
    IT FUN PEOPLE corp. respects every individual when executing business activities. This respect is based on mutual trust amongst employees. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. provides the best benefits and work environment available and strives to provide happiness to all employees, so that they can feel satisfaction and pride towards the work they do. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. provides systems to improve employees’ health and safety, which abide by related international standards and regulations.
  • 02 Fair and reasonable treatment
    All IT FUN PEOPLE corp. employees are evaluated and awarded for their competency and performance in accordance to a logical set of rules. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. provides employees with a fair chance, so all employees can grow with the company. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. believes that talent should be developed with a long-term perspective. IT FUN PEOPLE corp. encourages and provides support to employees to participate in activities for self-development and provides work-related training opportunities.